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Work With Me

As I mentioned in the video there are two ways I work with people. 

                                            1) Helping entrepreneurs with their sales systems and process through The Superhero Sales Academy - click HERE to get more details

2) Taking on a select number of consulting clients each quarter.

What I do is help you construct extraordinary client journey’s that drive initial sales then generate repeat business and referrals. I ensure that the sales processes and your technology work and is in sync with your marketing.  The processes are designed to create client journey data points that will provide you the power to make data backed decisions in your business in order to drive repeatable and predictable results. 

Throughout my process, I market test and wargame scenarios with you as they happen, so by the end of our time together you will never again say, “I am not a salesperson.” You will be in the position to onboard new sales people with confidence that you get predictable results.

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Here is what people are saying about Daniel:

Charles got results within 30 days with his new sales process!

Green Lotus wanted a partner who would help to implement a B2B sales solution.

Hear how Alex got 8 clients and had too many leads he had to hit pause on the biz development.