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The Ultimate Guide To Selling With Gratitude

Sales are the lifeblood of any company, without sales you can’t have any profit, and without profits, you can’t grow your business with investments. A simple equation, right? Not always an accessible path to get to this point. Which is why I’m here to help.

This guide will help you buy using gratitude to double your sales in the next 30 days. Yeah, you read that correctly, 30 days! By using gratitude as a core principle in your sales, you’ll be able to thrive in your business.

Let me clarify something — when I say gratitude, I’m not talking about you showing gratitude, it’s about using gratitude with a system to inspire gratitude in others.

So let me break this strategy down in three parts.



Story time…

To be honest, I was bullied. When I got out of university, I wanted to get into shape. I went to the gym, and this muscle-bound trainer immediately pushed ALL the bells and whistles onto me. He pushed the towel service, the locker service, and every service under the sun you could name. I left the gym not being able to afford any of this and felt completely beat up, and I felt bullied. I felt pressure-sold.

Does this feeling sound familiar?

I left confused not knowing how someone could do this to me. How did I get here? That’s when I went deep. I wanted to learn everything I could about sales and sales psychology. This is where I eventually landed my first sales job.

So now I’m at this sales job where I’m selling conference sponsorships for legal and financial conferences. In my first year, I was tasked to make $250,000 in sales, and I went beyond the mark at $300,000. All was good, you’d think. Well…everything changed with a call.

I got a call from one of my biggest clients, Janet. She told me “Daniel, I’m about to spend $150,000 of my boss’s money on conference sponsorships in the states and I don’t know who to believe! Can you help me?” I responded with “Yes!” And with a question back to her. I asked Janet, “if I were to teach you to asses any sponsorship opportunity that came your way, would that be valuable to you?” She replied with a firm “hell yea!”

At this point, the conversation changed, along with all my future sales.

I started creating educational materials and started calling people. I started approaching sales with an offer. I offered to teach people what I’ve been teaching to a few clients of how to evaluate sponsorship offers in a 45-minute presentation. I’d email it to them, and we’d talk about it over the phone (this was the bygone days before Skype!). I started empowering them with the knowledge they could use. After each conversation, I was given amazing feedback, and they started asking me what sponsorship opportunities I had to offer. This is where I went from $300,000 a year in sales to 1.4 million! This happened because I started giving the value first.

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When you give value, people feel gratitude.

Instead of starting the conversation with “what can you give me?” you give them something. This then extends the opportunity for people to ask “what else do you have?”

Selling with gratitude works.
Giving value first works.
Activating gratitude is the key. Pure and simple.

I know you’re taught to believe that you shouldn’t give anything away for free, but if you start looking at sales as a form of connection, everything begins with genuine trust. You can not establish trust by simply saying that you know what you are doing and are a master at your craft. You’re not giving anything away for free, you’re building a substantial relationship based on integrity, love, and respect.

When you offer your knowledge and expertise first, you’re serving with the intent to leave people better off than when you found them. You are helping them with a servant’s heart. The simple act of giving a shit, helping someone move the needle one tick within their business is what activates trust in return.



Want to know the number one ingredient to help you double your sales in the next 30 days? It’s gratitude. Simple as that.

Now I’m going to tell you how to place your prospects into a special gratitude state. I’ll also be talking about “value first” thinking.

The sales process itself is the only thing you can truly control. You cannot control when a prospect seeks you out. You cannot control the market conditions. You cannot even control when a prospect says yes, BUT you can make it easy for them to say “yes”. So why not create a positive way to engage your prospects.

Leave your prospects in a better place than when you found them.

Here are some examples of how this works…

Phone Calls
I actually set up phone calls with people to help them dial in my gratitude-based sales methodology (which I will teach you next week!). This is my call to action from me — you can get on the phone with me and I’ll help you do something to double your sales in 30 days. I give this away as complimentary service. This is only an element of my total teachings I’ve taken from my 16 years of B2B sales experience. From the collected knowledge I’ve gathered, I teach it in my Superhero Sales Academy and Superhero Sales Bootcamp. My gratitude sales methodology — which I call the Offer To Serve (OTS) — is just a piece that I give away for free to provide value upfront. At the end of my call, I send people out into the universe with their newly honed OTS, and they come to back to me wanting to work together.



Teach Someone a New Way to Approach Their Business

Let’s say you build websites for a living. Instead of going around and asking “do you need a website?” You can change the conversation and say “I help people build a lot of websites, and I see a gap of a lot of things people are not doing that can actually generate a lot of money. Would you let me create a gap analysis of things you should be doing and I’ll give you a list of my top 5 ways to should do and I’ll tell you how to do one fully? All you need to do is have a quick conversation with me.” This gives immediate value. This allows people to get into the gratitude state. When people act on the services that you’ve already provided for them and you check in with them, and your ideas have worked for them, they are in a moment of immense gratitude. When they’re in this moment, you can ask them to work with you, you can ask them for a referral, for feedback, or even the next thing you can help them with.

Putting people into a gratitude state is simply about helping them first. It’s not about trying to figure out what their biggest problem and sticking a dagger into it so they only see you as the answer, it’s about actually doing something. You help them enough to activate a gratitude state.

When you give value, people feel gratitude.

My offer to you is once I’ve taught you this gratitude methodology, I invite you on a call with me after the next Part so please read on…

In Part Three I’ll be diving in and teaching you on how to develop your Offer To Serve and how you can transport your business to a better place with more clarity and vision. Activate gratitude, put people in a gratitude state, and be in a position to have amazing growth in your business. I’m going to teach you this methodology in its entirety.



Thanks so much for sharing this journey with me. This is something very near and dear to me. In my 16 years of sales experience, one critical ingredient that has guided me is my Offer To Serve, and I’m here to help you with yours.

Let’s be clear about one thing: Pressure sales sucks. No one likes it. You don’t like pressuring people, and people don’t like to be pressured. Sales don’t have to suck for anyone involved.

So what is an Offer To Serve?

I’m excited to tell you…

The Offer To Serve is your guiding methodology in serving others in an authentic way. When you have clarity in not only what you serve, but how you’re offering a service to people, you’ll connect and build a sales process that will not only grow your business, but nurture genuine relationships as well.

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How the Offer To Serve Methodology Works?

So let’s say you’re getting prospects in the door, right? Great. You’re spending all your energy in getting awareness from potential clients through social media and other marketing tools you’ve been labouring over. What you’re often told to do is to try to and sell to people the moment they say hello on any platform, straight to the sales page, or close them on the first call. What I’m recommending that you do instead flips this on its head by allowing you to find YOUR beautiful way of selling with confidence, that will change your business and life forever.

Here’s what you do:
The next time you’re on a call (yes speaking with another human do work well as a strategy) with someone, you actually make a bold promise around how you’re going to help them on the call you are on right now. Whether it’s an analysis or an exercise, you actually help them with something concrete they can take with them. After your call, you send them out into the universe with the new insight you’ve gifted to them for a period of time. Give them some room, but check in on an agreed upon schedule.

One important thing to make sure you do before this is BOOK THE NEXT CALL. This is an important call to reconnect with them to see how your service has helped. I call this part setting up accountability. By doing this, you’re taking an active approach and holding people accountable in completing their own goals with the help that you’ve given them. So once you’re on the follow up call, open with the simple question “how’d everything go?” And let them talk about how your tools helped them.

This is a very exciting moment, because at this time they are in a state of gratitude and are only in the beginning part of your journey with them. At this point, you can describe with an ask for them to continue working with you and lay out a plan in how you’ll take them to where they want to go with their business. However, present this only as a friendly question, nothing more. No pressure.

Something you should definitely not shy away from is saying “I grow my business based on referrals, and if this has been of service to you, I’d love to do the exact same thing I’ve done with you with three more people and I am looking for…” and this is where you describe your ideal client.

Lastly, even if your prospect ultimately says “no”, give them another resource to use. Send them a list of five books to read that will continue to provide a service. This is where you also make yourself available to talk to them at any time if they need any help.

ultimate sales guide gratitude

My Offer To Serve is to come on a call with me! Use this link http://bit.ly/OfferToServe – I want to help you go out into the world and sell with love and gratitude! I want to help you sell with integrity! By developing your Offer To Serve, you’ll not only authentically help people, you’ll double your sales in 30 days!

Let’s get on the phone. Click  here to set up a call!

I also have an easy-to-follow PDF, The Ultimate Guide To Selling With Gratitude, that lays out my methodology.

offer to serve methodology

Download the guide here.

Thank you so much for spending time with me, and I really look forward to getting on the phone with you and getting to know your story.

Talk to you soon, friend and thank you for reading.

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Daniel Moskowitz

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