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Industry Articles

Is giving an industry article considered adding value or just harassing?

Price Negotiations

How do you approach the topic?

How Scalable 

How scalable is The Offer To Serve model?

How To Communicate

How do you talk to your customers - emails or phone calls?

Cold Calling

My biggest challenge is cold calling.  What tips do you have?


Who does the asking and when is the best time to ask?

Long Sales Cycle

How do you manage a long sales cycle and not come across as being pushy?

Setting Up A Sales Process

How do you set up a sales process?  Can you recommend any good books?

How To Win An RFP

Here is a quick tip on how to win an RFP.

Help Them Be A Star

How to make your prospects look like a star by helping them do their jobs better.

Let's Recap

A high level recap of the presentation.

Ask Yourself What's In Their Best Interest?

How to make suggestions that are in your prospects client's best interest.

Company vs. Person

Can the same offer to serve work for both a larger company and an individual person?

How Do You Position A Product?

I explain in this clip how to position a physical product using the offer to serve.

How To Get Customer Feedback

Ask for a customer's phone number as a way to get feedback.