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Thank You!

Today I am launching Powerful Sales Solutions and I wanted to send out a big thank you to all my supporters. To my Family: thank you for standing by me and helping me believe in myself. To my wonderful wife: thank you for so many days of taking the kids out but mostly for being by my side and splashing some reality on me when I try to take on too much. To my initial mentees who helped me test out my Mentorship Program: thank you - your success inspires me.

To everyone within my business network who volunteered to review my site and provide feedback thank you, thank you, thank you; your time means the world to me!

As many of you know I have big plans with this company and I look forward to taking you all on the ride with me.

Have a Powerful Sales day!

About the Author Daniel Moskowitz

Daniel Moskowitz is the Chief Mentor at Powerful Sales Solutions in Canada and the founder of The Superhero Sales Academy. As a B2B sales professional for over 15 years, closing over 20 million dollars in deals during that time. He has worked in multiple industries and sectors, with hundreds of clients such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Wrigley’s, Jaguar, Rogers, Sunlife, Revera, BackRack, and Flight Centre. He has had the privilege of earning the trust of some of the smartest owners, sales leaders and marketers of the world's largest brands; while also working with many tech and non-tech start-ups and mid-level regional companies. Daniel is on an epic mission to change the way B2B sales are conducted. With a focus on Daniel’s Offer to Serve Methodology, businesses have a positive way to boost sales, develop amazing client relationships, leave a lasting legacy, and grow. Daniel has set a 10-year goal to teach 100,000 Entrepreneurs to sell with love, integrity and gratitude as his way to affect positive change in the world.

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