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Suze went all in and kept on winning in The BootCamp:

Close more sales with Love, Integrity and Gratitude.

Feeling uncomfortable making offers is one of the most common things we hear about from purpose-driven, Superhero entrepreneurs like you.

You’d much rather just spend your time SERVING and HELPING your people than trying to convince them to pay you to do it, right?  

What would it be like if you never had to “sell” anything ever again?  

How would it feel to just get to do the thing you love doing, for the people you love serving, and make a real impact on their lives, AND create sustainable revenue (wait for it…) AT THE SAME TIME???  

We can see your incredulous, “I’m calling bullshit on that right now” face through the screen, so let us reassure you . . .  

This is 100% possible.  

And, in fact, it’s possible to get results that are at least TWICE as good as what you’re getting right now, without ever having to feel like you’re selling another thing.  

And you can feel AMAZING doing it.

No manipulation, no coercion, no sleazy strongarm tactics involved.

Just you, being you, working your magic, and people falling all over themselves to say, “I need YOU! How can I pay you to help me like this???”

How do we know this is possible?

Well one of us (Daniel Moskowitz) has generated over $20 million in sales by developing and using only heart-centered, service-first sales tactics, and spent 16 years training dozens of teams and companies how to do it successfully too.

Over his 16 years as a sales leader and trainer, Daniel’s developed, honed, and perfected his Offer to Serve methodology that lets you serve with your genius and actually book MORE clients without ever feeling like you’re selling at all.

And the other one of us (Amy Birks) doubled her entire 2016 revenue by June of 2017 alone (and is on target to double that number again before year’s end) by following a lead-with-value selling philosophy as well.

Amy’s an expert at holding clients’ hair back as they climb their own mountain of success too. With Amy’s support and cheerleading, her clients have generated more clients, exponential revenue, and achieved dream-come-true goals, with ease, fun and not an ounce of hustle required.

Your incredulous face is softening to curiosity, we can tell, so your next question is probably something like, “ok, so how on earth do I get to that point?”

Camille found her beautiful way of selling that feels heart centred and easy

Kristen gained the Clarity in order to attract the right clients

Enter The Superhero Sales Academy BootCamp

This 8-week group intensive will give you everything you need to start closing more sales NOW.  

Here’s what your Bootcamp membership includes:

1.One-on-One Support

To kick things off, you’ll jump on a group onboarding call where Daniel will work side by side with you to help you craft your own customized Offer to Serve so that your prospects will be begging you to let them work with you. Then we’ll bookend your eight-week journey with a one-on-one call with Daniel to seal in everything you’ve learned so you can leave the Bootcamp nest with confidence.

2.Weekly Video Lessons and Live Q&A Calls

With a new recorded sales mastery lesson and group Q&A and accountability call happening each week, there’s no way you can fall behind or get lost in the shuffle. Every Bootcamper will be seen and accounted for week after week so your results will be inevitable. We will be there in the trenches with you as you practice your new skills, to hold your hair back when you inevitably want to vomit, and to celebrate all the new sales you’re closing. 

3.Nail Your Value Statement

Ever stumble to tell people in a simple, compelling way what it is that you actually do? Within the first week you’ll have your unique value statement tuned in and your confidence soaring so high that you can’t wait to talk to your people about what you do.  

4.Lead Sourcing Strategies

Speaking of your people, not sure where to find them to even have a conversation to begin with? We’ve got you covered with lead sourcing training and custom support to help you uncover exactly where your people might be hiding so you can find them and close them faster.  

5.Referral Strategy Master Class

Want nearly half of your leads to show up easily to your doorstep, ready to buy? With Daniel’s beautiful referral strategy you’ll have more qualified leads than you’ll know what to do with.  

6.Become an Expert at Handling Objections

Tired of hearing, “this sounds great, but here’s why I can’t buy today . . .” over and over again from your prospects? In our Bootcamp you’ll learn how to eliminate objections before your prospect even has an opportunity to make one, and have an arsenal of ways to overcome them if one should happen to slip through.

If you’re ready to close at least one more client in the next two weeks, join The Superhero Sales Academy Bootcamp now.

We have your back!

We want to make it easier for you. If you're concerned about cashflow in order to make this investment, we have you covered. The Superhero Sales Academy has a funding partnership with Sprout Financial for 0% financing for 12 months. Use this link to see what funding you qualify for:

Now let’s clarify something important here because the majority of entrepreneurs we talk to are getting this wrong . . . 

Marketing is NOT Selling.

If you’re struggling to get the results you want in your business right now, and you keep pouring more dollars into marketing tactics, lead generation resources, or courses or programs to help you find more prospects, but you don’t have a bulletproof process in place to know you’re going to ACTUALLY CLOSE them with confidence, you’re playing Russian Roulette with those leads AND all those dollars you invested to find them.

Knowing how to sell, and sell WELL without ickiness or manipulation, is the foundational skillset you need to be a successful business owner.

It’s simple logic, right?

When a lead shows up you either know how to close them or you don’t.

If you do, your business grows. (Especially if you close a lot of them.)

But if you don’t, your business stagnates. (Not to mention what happens to the people who need you but can’t see it because you’re not getting them across the threshold to become a client.)

No matter how many leads you get, the investment in marketing will never get the ROI you need if you don’t have a bulletproof process to close those leads once you get them.

Let’s get your bulletproof process in place now. 

One last thing.  

We’re keeping this group intimate, and doing so for a reason.  

We are 100% committed to every single person who comes through this program.  

If you join us, and do the work, you absolutely will close more clients before the program ends.  

Because of this commitment and our “no Bootcamper left behind” policy, we need to keep the group small.  

So if you’d like to finally create the growth in your business that you’ve been dreaming of, don’t miss this opportunity to join us now.  

Here’s our final question for you: 

Imagine it’s 8 weeks from now . . .  

Would you rather be right here where you are now?  

Or would you rather have more clients, more revenue, and know with confidence that you’ve finally got this selling thing figure out?  

We’d love to help. Join The Superhero Sales Academy Bootcamp now.  

We have your back!

We want to make it easier for you. If you're concerned about cashflow in order to make this investment, we have you covered. The Superhero Sales Academy has a funding partnership with Sprout Financial for 0% financing for 12 months. Use this link to see what funding you qualify for:

If you have any questions use the chat or please email our Superhero Sidekick Sammy at

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