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My Health Journey

I was 324 pounds six months ago. I’ve been able to lose 78 pounds, 70 of those pounds I lost in three months. I attribute this all to Dr. Stephanie. She absolutely saved my life. Let me tell you how this happened…

Six months ago, I heard a message of hope.

I was overweight for many years. It was 20 years of battling stomach issues, digestive issues, weight issues, and a myriad of health complications. I lost hope that anything I could do would make a real difference. I would work out and it would wipe me out and kill any motivation for anything else. I would then overeat and that would create a spiral. Down, down, down.

Take control of your health.

I help superhero entrepreneurs gain a new superpower: SALES. I help people sell with love, integrity, and gratitude, but I wasn’t able to bring the focus that I needed to help my clients. It was too much effort. And even when I mustered enough energy, I couldn’t sustain it.

It’s all different now.

The journey to get to where I am has been a remarkably easy one when a few things got dialed in. Dr. Stephanie has the Shredded Mind program. Diet, exercise and most importantly mindset.

Mindset was the first thing I needed to change. I had to shift my relationship with food and why I wanted to lose weight in the first place. When I got clear on that, everything else fell into place. Doing the hard work with my why anchor became easier. I used to tell myself, “I HOPE to live long enough to walk my Daughters down the aisle” that changed to “I WILL walk my Daughters down the aisle”, period. Now it’s easy to tap into the energy of that statement, to fuel me through my journey, it’s become my why anchor. This has taught me so many lessons that I bring back to my clients as well.

If there’s anyone I know that’s dealing with health issues, especially being overweight, I want to encourage you to take action. Dr. Stephanie’s program is one action, but there’s so many others.

daniel with his kids

This year I walked my first 5k with my family. I would never have done that if I didn’t get to this place of wellness. Before, I had every excuse you could name not to do this. “It’s too hot” or “it’s too cold” or “I’m too tired” and even, “I have too much work to do”. No more excuses anymore. This was a massive accomplishment for me. I even carried my five and a half year old through half of it all!

I’m now working out twice a week with my amazing personal trainer, Luke Cattet who continually pushes me while keeping me safe as I test out my capabilities. I’ve even added a third day of Jiu Jitsu with other entrepreneurs with the awesome Elliott Bayev at OpenMat MMA. It’s amazing what my body can do once I stepped out of the way.

“There is nothing wrong with you, you must learn to get out of the way and let your own body heal itself.” — Dr. Stephanie

Read more about Dr. Stephanie’s health insight here: 5 Reasons Why Fasting Is The Best Way To Lose Weight.

It’s been an amazing journey. A journey that I’m honoured to share with you.

What I’d like to say to everyone is that if you feel like you’re at the end of your tether and wondering if there’s hope, I’m trying to be a living testament for that hope. I feel now that I’ve dipped my hand in a nuclear reactor and I have unlimited energy. I’ve been able to be the best version of myself, and fully show up for the people I care about in my life. I’m no longer the person that wants to make excuses because of my weight.

I’m here for you.

If you want to reach out to me and get more information on how I did this. Please get in touch.

Here’s a link to Dr. Stephanie’s site:

Find something.
Hang onto it.
Go all in on it.
Take control of your health.

If you’re an entrepreneur and follow me, make next year the year you take the intention of taking care of your health. Your health is the single greatest asset. Every successful entrepreneur I’ve heard speak on stage this past year attests to this. When you focus on your health, everything else dials in. I would not be where I am today without my health which I cherish.

Take action. Continue with that action. If it’s not serving you, find something that works.

I love all of you.
Thank you for watching me on this journey.
Please get in touch and I’d love to connect with you and learn about your experience and how we can make it better together.

Have a wonderful day,
Daniel Moskowitz

About the Author Daniel Moskowitz

Daniel Moskowitz is the Chief Mentor at Powerful Sales Solutions in Canada and the founder of The Superhero Sales Academy. As a B2B sales professional for over 15 years, closing over 20 million dollars in deals during that time. He has worked in multiple industries and sectors, with hundreds of clients such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Wrigley’s, Jaguar, Rogers, Sunlife, Revera, BackRack, and Flight Centre. He has had the privilege of earning the trust of some of the smartest owners, sales leaders and marketers of the world's largest brands; while also working with many tech and non-tech start-ups and mid-level regional companies. Daniel is on an epic mission to change the way B2B sales are conducted. With a focus on Daniel’s Offer to Serve Methodology, businesses have a positive way to boost sales, develop amazing client relationships, leave a lasting legacy, and grow. Daniel has set a 10-year goal to teach 100,000 Entrepreneurs to sell with love, integrity and gratitude as his way to affect positive change in the world.

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