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Mindshift Over Matter

Last week I was talking a little bit about my health journey, and how I lost 70 pounds in three months (Update: I am now at 80 pounds over the last 6 months). It got me thinking about some of the elements that have helped me get there.

This week I wanted to expand a little bit on the integral steps I took on my successful health and business journey.

One of the things I believe in with all my being is mindset. The muscle that gets you through difficult times in every process is your mental resilience. When you take the temperature of your mindset throughout the day and throughout your week, it helps you set up tangible and finite intentions.

Find Your North Star

I mentioned last week, my intention and guiding north star was being able to live long enough to walk my daughters down the aisle on their wedding day. Once I started to think about my mindset in my business and how I could make this goal a reality, my intentions rallied around everything to support my mission.

In my Superhero Sales Academy, we start with the question “what is the kind of business that you want to create?” And what kind of life is that business allowing you to live?” For me, it was about becoming more intentional about what I wanted to do. The next step was finding my goals and aligning those goals to the business I was building.

One of my goals is to take four weeks of vacation every year with the family and to take four long weekends with just my wife as a way to reflect and re-energize our relationship.

Ask yourself: “How will this make a big impact on my business and goals?”

It was really important that as I was growing the business, I not only had these goals in mind, but every decision I made in the business would be supporting these goals. Some decisions I made was that I wasn’t going to be on the road too many weeks out of the year, so it wouldn’t take away from any time I could plan with my family. I would intentionally create my sales programs so they could be delivered from a different location. I even set things up so when telling my students in the Academy that I’m going to be away for a couple of weeks, it’s ok.

The other part is gratitude.

I’ve incorporated a daily practice of gratitude, and also a gratitude practice for every wrap up to the week, and beginning every month. I’m grateful for why things are the way they are, for how things have unfolded, and even for the lemons that come along the way — there’s always an opportunity to explore why things didn’t work and find a positive lesson.

This mindset shift I’ve experienced, in my approach to health and business journeys, gave me rocket fuel for clarity.

When I dialed in the reasons why I was making changes in my life in the first place it brought clarity in my intentions and focused my gratitude on the things I have.


Clarity Brought Room to Set a Clear Path

When I had finite steps in reaching my goals, I needed tools to help me along the way. One tool was to be able to set clear actions on impacting my business. The other tool was discovering the power of saying “no” as a way to prioritizing my daily goals.

I started listening to Jayson Gaignard’s “Community Made” podcast. He gives a great walkthrough of creating and balancing your work/life calendars (Season 1 Episode 3). This is an amazing exercise that I highly recommend to all of you. Here’s a link to “Community Made” podcast.

These are some things that have really helped me in creating my successful health journey and how it has deeply reinforced the growth in my business.

I’m grateful for why things are the way they are, for how things have unfolded, and even for the lemons that come along the way.

My challenge to all of you is to find a gratitude practice.

Find a mindset exercise that will help you gain clarity. And look at how you organize your week with this guiding question “how will this make a big impact on my business and goals?”.

When you find these things, stick with them. Find something that works for you. Don’t go with the flavour of the month.

Find something that resonates with you and stick with it.

Thank you so much for sharing this time with me. Hopefully, this has been helpful for you.

Next week, I’ll be unpacking the last little element that has helped me go really far with my health and business at the same time.

See you soon, friends.
Daniel Moskowitz

About the Author Daniel Moskowitz

Daniel Moskowitz is the Chief Mentor at Powerful Sales Solutions in Canada and the founder of The Superhero Sales Academy. As a B2B sales professional for over 15 years, closing over 20 million dollars in deals during that time. He has worked in multiple industries and sectors, with hundreds of clients such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Wrigley’s, Jaguar, Rogers, Sunlife, Revera, BackRack, and Flight Centre. He has had the privilege of earning the trust of some of the smartest owners, sales leaders and marketers of the world's largest brands; while also working with many tech and non-tech start-ups and mid-level regional companies. Daniel is on an epic mission to change the way B2B sales are conducted. With a focus on Daniel’s Offer to Serve Methodology, businesses have a positive way to boost sales, develop amazing client relationships, leave a lasting legacy, and grow. Daniel has set a 10-year goal to teach 100,000 Entrepreneurs to sell with love, integrity and gratitude as his way to affect positive change in the world.

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