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Gratitude State: How to Get Your Prospects There

Want to know the number one ingredient to help you double your sales in the next 30 days? It’s gratitude. Simple as that.

Welcome to the second part of this month’s series. For November, I’m presenting a series on using gratitude to boost your sales. By using gratitude as a core principle, you’ll be able to thrive in your business by the end of this year. If you didn’t read my last post on how I discovered using gratitude as a sales strategy, catch up here!

Today I’m going to tell you how to place your prospects into a special gratitude state. I’ll also be talking about “value first” thinking.

The sales process itself is the only thing you can truly control. You cannot control when a prospect seeks you out. You cannot control the market conditions. You cannot even control when a prospect says yes, BUT you can make it easy for them to say “yes”. So why not create a positive way to engage your prospects.

Leave Your Prospects in a Better Place Than When You Found Them

Here are some examples of how this works…


Phone Calls

I actually set up phone calls with people to help them dial in my gratitude-based sales methodology (which I will teach you next week!). This is my call to action from me — you can get on the phone with me and I’ll help you do something to double your sales in 30 days. I give this away as complimentary service. This is only an element of my total teachings I’ve taken from my 16 years of B2B sales experience. From the collected knowledge I’ve gathered, I teach it in my Superhero Sales Academy and Superhero Sales Bootcamp.

My gratitude sales methodology — which I call the Offer To Serve (OTS) — is just a piece that I give away for free to provide value upfront. At the end of my call, I send people out into the universe with their newly honed OTS, and they come to back to me wanting to work together.

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Teach Someone a New Way to Approach Their Business

Let’s say you build websites for a living. Instead of going around and asking “do you need a website?” You can change the conversation and say “I help people build a lot of websites, and I see a gap of a lot of things people are not doing that can actually generate a lot of money. Would you let me create a gap analysis of things you should be doing and I’ll give you a list of my top 5 ways to should do and I’ll tell you how to do one fully? All you need to do is have a quick conversation with me.”

This gives immediate value. This allows people to get into the gratitude state. When people act on the services that you’ve already provided for them and you check in with them, and your ideas have worked for them, they are in a moment of immense gratitude. When they’re in this moment, you can ask them to work with you, you can ask them for a referral, for feedback, or even the next thing you can help them with.

Putting people into a gratitude state is simply about helping them first. It’s not about trying to figure out what their biggest problem and sticking a dagger into it so they only see you as the answer, it’s about actually doing something. You help them enough to activate a gratitude state.

My offer to you is once I’ve taught you this gratitude methodology, I invite you on a call with me after my next lesson…

Next week I’ll be diving in and teaching you on how to develop your Offer To Serve and how you can transport your business to a better place with more clarity and vision. Activate gratitude, put people in a gratitude state, and be in a position to have amazing growth in your business. I’m going to teach you this methodology in its entirety.

I’m excited to share this journey with you and to serve you and your business. With gratitude.

See you next week, friend.


About the Author Daniel Moskowitz

Daniel Moskowitz is the Chief Mentor at Powerful Sales Solutions in Canada and the founder of The Superhero Sales Academy. As a B2B sales professional for over 15 years, closing over 20 million dollars in deals during that time. He has worked in multiple industries and sectors, with hundreds of clients such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Wrigley’s, Jaguar, Rogers, Sunlife, Revera, BackRack, and Flight Centre. He has had the privilege of earning the trust of some of the smartest owners, sales leaders and marketers of the world's largest brands; while also working with many tech and non-tech start-ups and mid-level regional companies. Daniel is on an epic mission to change the way B2B sales are conducted. With a focus on Daniel’s Offer to Serve Methodology, businesses have a positive way to boost sales, develop amazing client relationships, leave a lasting legacy, and grow. Daniel has set a 10-year goal to teach 100,000 Entrepreneurs to sell with love, integrity and gratitude as his way to affect positive change in the world.

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