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How To Get Customer Feedback

It’s 2017. No one calls each other anymore. Be the person who truly surprises your customer with a call and an actual human voice. Rise above the sea of emails and stand out.

As we move further and further into the digital age, it presents new and exciting tools to make our lives easier, but can also lead us away from each other. And as much as online tools can help us achieve our goals, impactful business strategy still relies on one key element: human contact.

So here’s how you can get REAL constructive customer feedback while building an authentic relationship with your client base…

Rise above the sea of emails and stand out.

After a client buys something from you, call them. If you don’t have their phone numbers, ask for them when you set up their account. You don’t make it mandatory, but 99% of the time when you ask for a number, they’ll give it to you. And when you call, it’s a beautiful thing — they’ll be blown away.

Having a personal conversation is invaluable market research for your product development. Absolutely no money can replace this. Even if your customer says your product sucks, take this is as great information to have and an opportunity to improve their experience. You’ll be more empowered to follow up with something that can fit their needs.

Tip: if you don’t want to use your personal number, you can set up a Skype number or a Google phone number to keep things simple and separate.

Once you’ve made contact, feel free to keep calling every once in awhile and make a personal connection; because oftentimes when you share something, however personal it is, they’ll share it back.

Approach the feedback process as more of a conversation, and you’ll glean valuable information to not only grow your business’ insight, but foster a deeper connection with those who engage with your services.

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It all comes down to humanizing every part of your sales process. When you call, find out what makes the client not just a customer, but a person. Find out what is going on with them and tag that information in a CRM. Once you have enough information, run a report of your tags and find out what your clients are interested in and call them with offers that are relevant to them.

Do the thing that everybody isn’t doing and Call them — that’s where you’re not only going to get people’s attention but their genuine connection.

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