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Drive More Sales With Gratitude: The Offer To Serve

Thanks so much for sharing this journey with me. Today, I’m here to share something that’s very near and dear to me. In my 16 years of sales experience, one critical ingredient that has guided me is my Offer To Serve, and I’m here to help you with yours.

Welcome to the third part of this month’s three part series. For November, I’m presenting a series on how using gratitude to fuel your sales methodology will not only bring clarity to your business’ goals and mission, it will also double your sales. By using gratitude as a core principle, you’ll be able to thrive in your business by the end of this year. If you didn’t read my last post to see some examples of how the “value first” methodology works, catch up here!

Let’s be clear about one thing: Pressure sales sucks. No one likes it. You don’t like pressuring people, and people don’t like to be pressured. Sales don’t have to suck for anyone involved.

So what is an Offer To Serve? I’m excited to tell you…

The Offer To Serve is your guiding methodology in serving others in an authentic way. When you have clarity in not only what you serve, but how you’re offering a service to people, you’ll connect and build a sales process that will not only grow your business, but nurture genuine relationships as well.

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Here’s how the Offer To Serve Methodology works…

So let’s say you’re getting prospects in the door, right? Great. You’re spending all your energy in getting awareness from potential clients through social media and other marketing tools you’ve been labouring over. What you’re often told to do is to try to and sell to people the moment they say hello on any platform, straight to the sales page, or close them on the first call. What I’m recommending that you do instead, flips this on its head by allowing you to find YOUR beautiful way of selling with confidence, that will change your business and life forever.

Here’s what you do: The next time you’re on a call (yes speaking with another human does work well as a strategy) with someone, you actually make a bold promise around how you’re going to help them on the call you are on right now. Whether it’s an analysis or an exercise, you actually help them with something concrete they can take with them. After your call, you send them out into the universe with the new insight you’ve gifted to them for a period of time. Give them some room, but check in on an agreed upon schedule. One important thing to make sure you do before this is BOOK THE NEXT CALL.

This is an important call to reconnect with them to see how your service has helped. I call this part setting up accountability. By doing this, you’re taking an active approach and holding people accountable in completing their own goals with the help that you’ve given them. So once you’re on the follow up call, open with the simple question “how’d everything go?” And let them talk about how your tools helped them. This is a very exciting moment, because at this time they are in a state of gratitude and are only in the beginning part of your journey with them. At this point, you can describe with an ask for them to continue working with you and lay out a plan in how you’ll take them to where they want to go with their business. However, present this only as a friendly question, nothing more. No pressure.


Something you should definitely not shy away from is saying “I grow my business based on referrals, and if this has been of service to you, I’d love to do the exact same thing I’ve done with you with three more people and I am looking for…” and this is where you describe your ideal client.

Make a bold promise around how you’re going to help them on the call you are on right now.

Lastly, even if your prospect ultimately says “no”, give them another resource to use. Send them a list of five books to read that will continue to provide a service. This is where you also make yourself available to talk to them at any time if they need any help.

My Offer To Serve is to come on a call with me! I want to help you go out into the world and sell with love and gratitude! I want to help you sell with integrity! By developing your Offer To Serve, you’ll not only authentically help people, you’ll double your sales in 30 days!

I have a an easy-to-follow PDF that lays out my methodology you can download here.

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You can also book a Offer to Serve video Zoom call with me here, so I might be of service and help you dial in your Offer to Serve.

Thank you so much for spending time with me, and I really look forward to getting on the phone with you and getting to know your story.

Talk to you soon, friend.

About the Author Daniel Moskowitz

Daniel Moskowitz is the Chief Mentor at Powerful Sales Solutions in Canada and the founder of The Superhero Sales Academy. As a B2B sales professional for over 15 years, closing over 20 million dollars in deals during that time. He has worked in multiple industries and sectors, with hundreds of clients such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Wrigley’s, Jaguar, Rogers, Sunlife, Revera, BackRack, and Flight Centre. He has had the privilege of earning the trust of some of the smartest owners, sales leaders and marketers of the world's largest brands; while also working with many tech and non-tech start-ups and mid-level regional companies. Daniel is on an epic mission to change the way B2B sales are conducted. With a focus on Daniel’s Offer to Serve Methodology, businesses have a positive way to boost sales, develop amazing client relationships, leave a lasting legacy, and grow. Daniel has set a 10-year goal to teach 100,000 Entrepreneurs to sell with love, integrity and gratitude as his way to affect positive change in the world.

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